Our Story

GDD found its roots in assisting non-profit organizations that possessed excess real property, and lacked the experience to best divest, leverage, or otherwise develop their assets. That effort lead to the creation of the name of the firm and our mission. Both performing a "good deed" on behalf of charitable organizations that wished to divest assets with the sale of a "deed" that was viable and "good".

Our Vision

From our earliest days, the mission of the firm has been to seek distressed assets, and reimagine them to maximize their potential; to their "highest and best use". Distress takes on many forms from financial challenges, environmental issues, physical decay, or simply poor design and ineffective utilization of space. Good Deeds Development seeks these opportunities in almost all classes of commercial real estate in several markets, including its hub on Long Island and the metropolitan New York area, as well as markets such as Florida and Texas. GDD imagines each project as a unique, organic development that will serve a community of Tenants, and will work to best understand the occupants needs and requirements.

Our Philosophy

Bring us your tired, poor, and improperly managed properties! The worse it looks, the more interested we are. Most acquisitions are performed utilizing internal capital and traditional debt structures. However, each project presents the opportunity for alternative funding methods. GDD happily will play the role as either the lead developer, joint-venture partner, or as a minority participant depending upon the scale, class and geographic site of the asset.

Lets Get Started!

Our initiative is to provide you with the best real estate available and we're certain that our properties will satisfy your needs.