Good Deeds Development approaches development at three levels of involvement:

Lead developer: Here we identify the opportunity and imagine its possibilities. We take full responsibility for due diligence, acquisition, all-phases of development, leasing, and financing.

Joint-Venture: These are projects we may identify, but based upon the scale of the project or the expertise required, choose to partner with one or more like-minded developers. GDD will also structure a joint-venture with the current owner of a property.

We welcome the opportunity to hear from property owners and developers that believe GDD can contribute our expertise and regional knowledge to their projects.

Participation: Based upon the scale, class of asset, and geographic market in which the asset is located, GDD regularly plays a passive minority “participation” role in financing a project.


GDD has an internal management team that handles most of our portfolio properties. From leasing to facilities maintenance, GDD takes great pride in offerings its tenants a “best-in-class” experience.